1978 Alrov Israel (the parent company) is founded by Alfred Akirov.

1983 Alrov Israel (the parent company) is floated on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange at a valuation of $8 million. The Company is traded and is part of the Tel-Aviv 100 Index.

1993 Alrov Properties and Lodgings, which coordinates the Group’s income-generating Properties and Lodgings operations is floated at a value of $18 million.

2001 Overseas operations are started, via Property Investment Holdings (PIH) in which there is a 76.0% holding.

2006 The decision is made to create a portfolio of luxury hotels in Europe and in Israel.

2010 Alrov Properties and Lodgings enters the Tel-Aviv 100 Index following an increase in the public’s holdings.

2016 Alrov israel merged into Alrov Properties and Lodgings